Loretta Staples LCSW Therapist & Coach

What treatment options are available to me?
Many approaches to treatment are possible. They differ in the way the therapist and client work together, the therapeutic methods used, and the length and intensity of treatment. Some methods help clients restructure connections between thoughts, feelings, and consequent actions. Others strengthen insight. Somatic approaches work with the body to incorporate felt sensation and movement as aids to self-regulation. Expressive methods use media and metaphor to externalize thought and feeling. These approaches may be augmented by medication prescribed by a referred psychiatrist. The foundation underlying any of these approaches is the therapeutic alliance, a working partnership built on trust, empathy, and mutual regard.

How do you decide what's best?
I collaborate with each client to assess which methods would be most effective, given the client's problems and concerns, disposition, patterns of relating, and past treatment efforts. I also keep abreast of current research literature and evidence-based practices to identify pertinent knowledge and skills. Since time and money are necessary practical considerations, I work with each client to determine the length and cost of treatment, reviewing available options.

How do I pay for services?
Health insurance limits what can be treated and how treatment is to be administered, requiring "medical necessity," extensive documentation, claims approvals, and time-limited treatment. Direct payment from clients, sometimes called "private payment" or "self-pay," provides more treatment flexibility in method and duration, and greater confidentiality (through minimized documentation). Since direct payment does not require a clinical diagnosis to justify the cost of treatment, clients are free to pursue therapeutic goals that may be personally significant without being "medically necessary" (as defined by your insurer). I work with each individual to determine an appropriate scope of treatment that takes into consideration problem severity and available financial resources. I encourage prospective clients to consider the benefits of direct payment.

What are your fees?
My standard rate for a 45-minute individual therapy session is $100, with payment due at the time of treatment. Sessions are typically scheduled weekly for 3-6 months, then periodically (once or twice a month) for a mutually-determined period prior to ending. I will consider fee adjustments for those whose financial constraints present a barrier to treatment, and I can participate in selected insurance plans as an out-of-network provider. We will discuss these options during our first meeting, a 30-minute consultation at no cost to you.

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